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Exhibition piers

The Dark Waters exhibition relates to the past, present and future of the river to give a sense of its entire life. Six piers along the Thames have been selected for audio visual installations.

Each pier is a unique collage of sound which makes the visitor aware of the river they are travelling along: a live feed of the Thames water is mixed with Peter Ackroyd's readings from 'Thames: Sacred River', archive material of dockers' and watermen's experiences from the 1930s - 1980s and interviews with today's architects, clients, houseboat owners and with the organisations responsible for managing the modern Thames. Visit each pier to download extensive background history and listen to our collection of interviews:

Museum of London archive audio

Listen to some archive interviews about the river Thames from the Museum of London Archive

A history of the piers by Adam Guy

Download the Dark Waters history of the Thames and it's piers pdf here (pdf - 2MB).

Peter Ackroyd's Readings

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