The Dark Waters Project

Dark Waters is an audio-based exhibition about the Thames, and RIBA London has commissioned a unique Dark Waters Ordnance Survey Map for the exhibition.

The Dark Waters Map

Interactive map zoom tool

To view the dark waters map, you will need the flash plugin

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To zoom in and out, select the "+" and "-" buttons on the map. The map is draggable, and the top-left panel shows which piece of the complete map you are viewing. View a larger version of this map.

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About Dark Waters

'River traffic was once central to the life of London but as the life of city grew ever more remote from the Thames, human activity all but left the river. The primal energy of the river has been dissipated to the extent that the modern Londoner has now no contact with what was once the source and centre of the city's being.'

Peter Ackroyd

Dark Waters Project Group

Peter Ackroyd
Adam Guy - Dark Waters
Miranda Housden & Antonia Faust - RIBA London
Iain Johnston - Bisset Adams
Nick Robertson - Wordsalad
David Harcombe (MIBS)
Matt & Wendy Shearer -
Tony Broomhead & Nicky Kirk - Amenity Space

Special thanks to:

Gill Blake (Ordnance Survey)
Matthew Lawrence (Ordnance Survey)
Paul Naylor (Ordnance Survey)
David Carter (Ordnance Survey)
Rick Morris (Ordnance Survey)
Tony Pocock (Cityscape)
Dave Wood(Cityscape)
Jill Goddard (Thames Estuary Partnership)
Gustav Milne (The Institute of Archaeology)
Rachael Hill (Environment Agency)
Sharon Tuff (London Metropolitan Archive and Guildhall Library)
Laurence Ward (London Metropolitan Archive and Guildhall Library)
Tracey Wellman (MOLAS)
Tony Blurton (New Level)
Rhydian Powell (New Level)
Claudia (New Level)
John Pasche
Solomon & Annette Day (Museum of London Audio Archives)
Sean Waterman (Museum of London Picture Archives)
Clea Relly (Museum of London)
Bisset Adams
Kimberley Hanson (AEG Europe)
Sean Collins (Thames Clippers)
Alison Murphy (Thames Clippers)
Andy Griffiths (London River Services)
Trevor Massie (English Partnerships)
Phillip Tweddle (Canary Wharf Management Limited)
Stephanie Matthews (Bere Architects)
Justin Bere (Bere Architects)
Cynthia Grant & Ed Stollery
Alan, Tom & Kate Woods (Silver Fleet)
Stephen O'Brien
George Nicholson
Richard Dumville
Simon Foxell